Why Windows Azure?

Windows New LogoWindows Azure™ is an open and flexible Cloud-platform managed by Microsoft, providing you with all options to build, make available and manage applications in a global network of data centers. You will be able to build tools, frameworks with any programming language desired. You can easily integrate any of your cloud applications into your existing IT environment.

Moving to Windows Azure™ - into the cloud you will be as flexible as you need to be.


Suiting scalability to exactly the level you need it – and just pay what you use.


You will use your preferred operating systems, languages, data bases or tools.


You will benefit from availabilty of upto 99,95% (according to SLA).

Thanks to a quick availability but without a long term binding agreement you will stay flexible too.
You decide which one of the extensive cloud solutions you want to use.

We will focus on your requirements and Windows Azure™ delivers the infrastructure to it. We will be happy to demonstrate your advantages of using Windows Azure™ and of moving into the cloud.