nopCommerce™™ Full Text Search Setup

Setup Instructions

To setup nopCommerce™™ Full Text Search plugin is very simple.

  1. Request a license / trial license from here
    You will get the file via email.
  2. Copy the license file ("Lucene.licx") into the App_Data folder of your nopCommerce instance.
    If the plugin is already located at your server restart the application before you proceed.
  3. Download the plugin from here
  4. The downloaded plugin is a zip file which contains all available versions.
    Check within your admin area ("") which version of nopCommerce your are running. You'll find this information in the upper right corner.
    Just copy the right version (nopCommerce ver. 3.60 => "FulltextSearch.Lucene.3.60") into your Plugins folder of your nopCommerce instance. Rename the folder to "FulltextSearch.Lucene". This isn't really necessary but helps later when you upgrade nopCommerce to a new version.
    Ensure that only one version of the plugin is existing at your instance.
  5. Install the plugin in Configuration/Plugins.
    The plugin will be activated after it is installed and will use the file system as storage location for the lucene index by default. Without specifying "Locale Catalog Path" on the configuration page of this plugin the index is stored in "~App_Data/LuceneIndex".
    If you change the path an entry in Settings.txt will be created like
    Lucene.Path: TestIndex
  6. Restart the application - otherwise the background task for partial updates is not started.
  7. If you like to store the index in Windows Azure check "Use Azure Blob Storage" and fill out "Storage Account Name", "Storage Account Key" and "Catalog Name". "Storage Account Name" and "Storage Account Key" you'll get from your Windows Azure Admin interface.
    "Catalog Name" can be choosen but has to be specified lower case without spaces and special characters ("-" is allowed).
    The values will be stored in your Settings.txt as
    Lucene.CatalogName: lucene-test-index
    Lucene.ConnectionString: DefaultEndpointsProtocol=http;AccountName=nopdynamics;AccountKey=nhf49v...==
  8. By default field boost are set to 1.0000. If you like to influence the order of your search results just change the values in a usefull way. As higher the values are they are listed at the top of your search results. If you get hits in more than on field the boost values are summarized.
    Tip: Rebuilding the index is very fast. Just play a bit with these values and find out your optimal configuration.
    For developers: The plugin raises an DocumentCreatedEvent event for every indexed item. If you want to add custom fields to the index just add a new Boost here. Check "Is Localized Operation" if you want to index multi-language fields. Implement the event and add your custom fields to the index in a own plugin.
  9. After specifiying these settings please save and restart your application (this won't be necassary in a later version).
    If you don't modify account settings a restart is not necassary. 
  10. After returning to the configuration interface of this plugin the field "Current Directory Type" either shows "File System" or "Azure Blob Storage". Check your settings if it is not your expected value.
  11. Finally click on the "Rebuild Index" button. Even for several thousand items the operation will be very fast. Changes of your catalog are automatically reflected in the index. After a lot of catalog changes it might be usefull to execute "Optimze index" to optimize the search performance.