Why Umbraco?

Umbraco Logo

Umbraco™ is a full fledge equipped Open-Source Content-Management-System, providing flexibility to realize small campaigns as easy as complex applications of the worlds most comprehensive websites.

Umbraco™ is easy to learn and easy to use and therefore is equally perfect for web designers, developers and content providers.

If you are already managing an IT-environment dominated by Microsoft components, Umbraco holds a lot advantages for you. You will be able tu make full use of all options provided by NET-frameworks to quickly establish interfaces between your systems. Through individual adjustments / configurations Umbraco provides for excellent possibilities to expand and individualize it to meet your needs.

Your advantages

  • Full version tracking/control
  • Full integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • Time-controlled publishing
  • Work-flow oriented page administration
  • Quick preview before publishing
  • Multi lingual
  • Basket for easy restore of deleted elements
  • Support of Microsoft Word and Live Writer
  • License free

One CMS for all platforms

Smartphone and tablets are actually home to modern websites. Any of these platforms has to provide the customer with a user friendly interface. In this context responsive web design follows the route to ensure that appearance of the same website is different with each platform. On television as well as on mobile devices. This way it can be avoided that for instance your shop appears on TV to customers only as a narrow strip whereas on mobile phones they are not able to hit the buttons properly.

Alway up. Always ready. Always fast.

With Windows Azure™ we offer a monthly availability of 99,95%. In case your shop faces a slowdown at peak times you simply order additional performance/speed at the press of a button.

A right development solution for any idea.

Starting from design upto the going live stage we are the right partners to convert your product idea and if required to integrate the same into your existing infrastructure.